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Do you scoot? Then, we would like to welcome you to join us for a ride. There is currently a monthly due of $10 when you join our meetup group. Check our site for scheduled rides.

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Btn_red_77x28 Disclaimer: The Ventura County Ventures Scooter Crew (VCVSC) or its affiliates will not be held responsible for any accidents, damage or personal injury caused to individuals while on rideouts. It is your responsibility to look after yourself and others, and be riding a road worthy scooter.


Ride "The Snake" With Stop At The Rustic Canyon General Store & Grill

Send pictures of rides to:


Saturday, September 3, 2011
9:00 AM/9:30 AM Sharp Departure

76 Gas Station
11008 Citrus Dr & S Wells Rd
Ventura, CA 93004

Heres the Scoop, Kick stands up at 9:30 Sharp!

This ride will be a mix of winding country roads. The meet-up will be at 11008 Citrus Dr & Wells Road in Ventura. We will be heading East on Foothill through Santa Paula, South Mountain Rd, up Balcom Canyon/Stockton/Grimes/LA Ave to Moorpark. Spring St. to the Norwegian Grade, Moorpark Rd and TO Blvd, East on Agoura Rd to Cornell, up the Rock Store Climb ("The Snake") and Mullholland Hwy heading back to PCH, up Los Posas Rd, through Camarillo Highlands and back to the meet-up location. Lunch/breaks to be determined. Estimated ride time will be 3-4 hours plus stops.
Other ideas, variations, etc welcome. Thanks Jim.

We will stop at The Rustic Canyon General Store & Grill. You can find it on Yelp: it is at 2598 Sierra Creek Road, Agoura, pretty close to the Rock Store. It is a funky little store/deli. You order at the counter and then take you food outside. There is plenty of parking, tables outside to eat/drink/rest. It's in a nice setting on a country road. I think the burgers/sandwiches would be suitable and you can buy various things to drink, snack, etc. I don't think it will be memorable for the food selections, but I think it will do the job. And this is all about a fun ride and not necessarily a dining experience.




Deer Lodge in Ojai
Sunday, August 7, 2011
9:00 AM

Meetup at:
76 Gas Station
11008 Citrus Dr & S Wells Rd
Ventura, CA 93004


(First, we will take the scenic route to Crush Cakes in Carpinteria)

Ok.... here is the scoop,

We will be going to the Dear Lodge this Sunday, but first we will be taking the scenic route on the 150 to Carpinteria.This is a beautiful ride and the weather should be great. There we will be stopping for a rest at Crush Cakes located in beautiful downtown Carp. After our stop we will head on back to Ojai and have lunch at the Dear Lodge. This ride was created for our guests from Hunnington Beach. Thanks Jim for mapping it out for us.

We will meet up at the 76 gas station on Wells Rd at 9:AM depart at 9:15. Here is the route we will take from Wells Rd to Lake Casitas.

Lake Casitas Recreation Area 11311 Santa Ana Road, Ventura, CA 93001

1. Head northeast toward Santa Ana Rd 161 ft 2. Continue straight onto Santa Ana Rd 0.1 mi 3. Turn left onto CA-150 W/Casitas Pass Rd Continue to follow CA-150 W 11.9 mi 4. Turn right onto CA-192 W/Casitas Pass Rd Continue to follow CA-192 W 3.6 mi 5. Turn left onto Linden Ave 0.7 mi 6. Turn right onto Carpinteria Ave Destination will be on the left 226 ft

Crush Cakes 4945 Carpinteria Avenue Carpinteria, CA 93013-1936

7. Head southeast on Carpinteria Ave toward Yucca Ln 2.3 mi 8. Turn left onto Rincon Rd 1.5 mi 9. Continue onto CA-150 E 15.2 mi 10. Turn left onto N Ventura Ave 1.5 mi 11. Continue onto W Ojai Ave 0.5 mi 12. Turn left onto CA-33 N Destination will be on the left 1.4 mi

The Deer Lodge 2261 Maricopa Highway Ojai, CA 93023

13. Head southeast on CA-33 S toward N Lomita Ave 1.4 mi 14. Turn left onto CA-150 E/W Ojai Ave Continue to follow CA-150 E 17.5 mi 15. Turn left onto E Main St 233 ft

Santa Paula, CA

Original Message:
This is a ride Lorraine suggested. Deer Lodge is a popular biker eating place just outside Ojai on highway 33. I noticed that we had nothing scheduled so I am posting this information. I will be out of town this weekend so I won't be able to make it. I don't want to sleek for Lorraine so unless she wants to lead this ride we may need a leader for this one. In your RSVP let us know if you would be interested. Randy


Nojoqui Falls Picnic Ride - Sunday, July 24, 2011 9:00 AM

Meetup Details:

Sunday, July 24, 2011
9:00 AM
Moorpark Mc Donalds at 8:00 AM
Lake Casitas Parking lot at 9:00 AM
Moopark, CA

Please note parts of this ride will be up hill with a speed limit of 55 mph. Sorry 150 cc and above. You must also be comfortable riding at 55 to 60.

There a two meeting points for this ride: (if someone wants to organize a meet up point from Ventura let me know where and what time and I will post it)

Moorpark Mc Donalds on the corner of Spring and Los Angeles Ave. We will be leaving at 8:00 AM

Lake Casitas Parking lot at 9:00 AM as soon as the Moorpark group arrives we will be leaving.

Have your gas tanks filled and bring a snack and water. and of course your Lunch this is a picnic ride.

Ride Directions:

We will leave the Lake Casitas parking lot and ride up highway 150 to Highway 192, stopping for gas and a break in Montecito. After a short break we will continue up Highway 192 turning onto Highway 154. This highway climbs over the mountain with speeds of 45 to 50 once over the top its down hill and the speed limit is 55. After we pass Lake Cachuma we will turn in at the Dam view point for a restroom break. We will continue down Highway 154 to Highway 254, to Solvang where will turn left on Alisal Road to Nojoqui Falls. This is a nice picnic area and a short hike take you to the water fall. I will make no guarantee there will be water in the falls; after all this is southern California. After about a hour or so we will leave and go back on Alisal Road to Solvang and have ice cream, so save room for desert. After desert we will go back Highway 254 make a stop for gas than go to Highway 154. We will turn off at Stagecoach Road and go by Cold Spring Tavern. At the summit we will rejoin Highway 154 go to Highway 192 than to Highway 150 and back to the Lake Casitas parking lot, where we will split up.



Ride to Cold Springs Tavern: SAT., JUNE 11, 2011

SATURDAY, JUNE 11, 2011 (Be Advised the Ride has changed from June 5 to the new date of June 11, 2011 due to rain in the forcast. Please make note.)
9:00 AM (Be Advised the Meetup Time has changed from 8:00 to 9:00 AM)
76 Gas Station
11008 Citrus Dr & S Wells Rd
Ventura, CA 93004


Cold Springs Tavern ride.

This ride leaves the meet-up on Wells Rd at 9:00 AM. You should arrive at the 76 gas station by 8:40 AM. It will take us about 40 minutes to reach Lake Casitas. Some riders will be riding separately and will connect with the CREW at the entrance to Lake Casitas (near Hwy 154 & Santa Ana Rd., Ojai. We'll leave the Casitas location ASAP.

This is a GREAT ride!

If you can shoot me a message if you will be at the 76 gas station, so I know who to look for.

Thanks Lorraine

See all

This ride to the Cold Springs Tavern is long (125 miles RT from Ventura) and much of it is on narrow, winding roads. There are two minor water crossings. Gas Up before the start. There will be a Last Chance Gas/bathroom break in Montecito but there are few, if any, services during much of the ride. Having a snack/water along might be wise.

CST is very popular with motorcyclists on weekends and on a recent visit, crew members found it hard to even park nearby. This ride starts early in hopes of getting to the CST before the Bar-B-Que starts at 11:30. If it is too crowded when we arrive it is possible the Crew will decide to pick an alternative food stop a few miles further on as we begin our return trip (think Baja Fresh, In & Out, etc).

We'll be going down "Old" San Marcos Pass Road to Hwy 192 then back over Casitas Pass to Ojai and Ventura. The return will faster/shorter. For those who want to return via Hwy 101 that is an option.

This ride leaves the meet-up on Wells Rd at 8:00 AM. Some of us will be riding separately and will connect with the CREW at the entrance to Lake Casitas (near Hwy 154 & Santa Ana Rd., Ojai). You should be at that location by 8:40 AM. We'll leave that location ASAP after the Wells Rd. group arrives.

This is a GREAT ride!

Jimmy Ventura

Randy, Patty and I met this weekend and planned out some summer rides. We are very excited and are looking forward to some safe summer rides.

I would rate most of our rides an easy C, however the ride to Cold Springs Tavern is a definite B or B+. It is not a fast ride but there are many curves and a long steady climb 6,000 ft above sea level. We will be riding through the hills of Monticito and then onto El Camino Cielo Rd. It is one of the most beautiful rides I have been on the scenery is truly incredible and you won't want to miss this one. If you are afraid of heights don't look down. After leaving El Camino Cielo Rd we will go onto San Marcos Pass for a very short time and then we will turn onto Stagecoach rd. There we will have lunch at the Tavern. BBQ!!!!

We will meet at the 76 gas station where we will fill up our tanks and then meet up with any other riders from the South side at Lake Casitas.



Ride To: Wild Flowers & Rock Inn at Lake Hughes



SUNDAY, APRIL 17, 2011 9:00 AM

All riders from Ventura area will meet at the Wells Rd. Shopping center off the 126 Fwy at 9:00am Kick stands up at 9:15 (sharp). From there we will travel to Santa Paula and ride along the hill side of South Mountain Road to Fillmore. We will meet up with the other half of our group coming from the Moorpark on the corner of Guiberson Rd. We should all arrive there within five minutes of each other . Who ever gets there first wait with all gear on ready to go.

(If anyone thinks they might be late and wants us to wait for you please call me on my cell)

We will ride to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve and stop for a rest and take a few pictures. Hopefully there will the Poppy fields will be in full bloom. We will not be going in unless they give us a fantastic deal. The cost is around $8.00 per person. Then we plan to visit the Rock Inn but not eat there, We just want to check it out. I am told that it is a very crowded biker spot and it could take up to two hours to get our food. We will be eating at the Green Valley Cafe where they will reserve an area to all sit together and I hear that the food is great!

I am not quite sure if the visit to the Rock Inn will be before or after we eat lunch, which ever it is we are sure to have a great time. THE ROCK INN 17539 W. Elizabeth Lake Road Lake Hughes, CA

All riders from the Moorpark area will meet at Mc Donalds corner of Spring and Los Angeles, Moorpark.

Meet up time: 9:00AM. Kick stands up at 9:30AM.

We will have to take the 126 for about 10 miles so the scooters should be able to go 55 with possible

head winds. Bring Camera’s a snack because lunch will be about 1:00.

We will be leaving Mac Donalds going up the 23 (Grimes Canyon) some twist and turns. To Guiberson Road in Fillmore, to the 126 to Chiquito canyon road through Val Verde to Lake Hughes Road, to Pine Canyon Road, to hwy 138, To Lancaster Road. Which will take up by the the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. The only way we will go in is if they give us a great deal for all our scooters which I have heard they have done in the past.

If the group gets larger than 20 we will need two leaders. So far it does not look like it. That is why it is so important to RSVP so we know how to plan. Any takers if we should have more that 20?

Leg Banners for sale!!! I just paid the six month fee for the Meetup site to continue which everyone benefits from so I will be asking for some help from our regular riders.



Rides of March, San Luis Obipso, March 25-27

Friday, March 25, 2011 at 7:00 AM

Hundreds of scooters of all kinds. Great rides in wonderful Central Coast locales. Loads of fun at events.

Click Here For More information

Check out last year's ride here


Old Message:

UPDATE: We won't be going to the Rock Inn. Stay tuned we will ride on Sunday if the weather permits.

I am going to call the ride, Planes, Trains and Scooters. It will be a more local ride warmer than the Rock Inn.
Please note we will leave as close to 10:00 as we can and gas up before we leave.
From the Moorpark Chevron station we will go down Grimes Canyon and take back roads to Lake Piru, We will not be take any freeways but we will be on Highway 126 for about 10 miles the speed limit is 60 mph. So your scooter should be able to do at least 60. After we leave highway 126 we will go through Castic and up Lake Hughes road to the Rock Inn. After lunch we will go back on San Francisquito Canyon road and about 15 miles on highway 126

...Stay Tuned For More Information...

Anyone else planning on going should book your room. There are going to be a lot of riders in SLO that weekend. Don't be left out in the cold. RSVP for this ride so we can get a good idea who will be going.

Thanks Lorraine


Meetup At: Moorpark Chevron Station, Located at 502 new Los Angeles Ave., Moorpark, CA
Meetup Time: 9:45-10:00 AM, Departing at 10:00 AM


Please note we will leave as close to 10:00 as we can and gas up before we leave.
From the Moorpark Chevron station we will go down Grimes Canyon and take back roads to Lake Piru, We will not be take any freeways but we will be on Highway 126 for about 10 miles the speed limit is 60 mph. So your scooter should be able to do at least 60. After we leave highway 126 we will go through Castic and up Lake Hughes road to the Rock Inn. After lunch we will go back on San Francisquito Canyon road and about 15 miles on highway 126.


Meetup with the LA Meetup Group-Valentines Twisty-Turny Canyon Riding Funfest!

SAT., FEB. 13, 2011

This ride meetup time and place is still yet to be determined. Our group coordinator, Lorraine, will not be present for this ride, but will need someone to help plan the meetup with the LA Group. If any of you would like to step up to do so, please do.
To find out more about this ride, please CLICK HERE.


Santa Barbara Ride -Sun, Jan 16, 2011

"Ride to Santa Barbara"

Lunch Will Be At The Palace Grill, Santa Barbara, Calif.

Randy will meet riders in the East end of Moorpark at the Shell gas station at 8:45 departing at 9:00am.

He will pick up riders in Ventura at Cafe 126 (11033 Citrus Drive) at 9:30 and depart at 10:00.

If we have any riders South of the Cafe 126 we will pick them up at 10:15 or so at corner of Main and Palm by the old Top Hat. (That will only be a short pickup stop).

There is not a farmers market on Sunday, the farmers market is only on Saturday. The restaurant we are going to is the Palace Grill. Here is their web site http://www.palacegril.... ( Check out the menu when you get a chance it looks amazing). After we eat there is an Art Walk at the beach we could go to again, depending on the weather. On the way back we will go through Ojai. Splitting off in Santa Paula so those going to the East end of Ventura County can go over Grimes Canyon and those going West can go through Somis. Lets hope for good weather.

"Ride to Santa Barbara"


Ride to Santa Barbara Back to Ventura Holiday St. Fair

SAT., DEC. 8, 2010 - 8:30 AM MEET-UP/9:00 AM DEPARTURE
Café 126 (Across from 76 Station and Behind Valero Station) CITRUS DR. & S. WELLS RD, VENTURA, CA 93004


It was cold but if you ride a scooter you have to expect it form time to time with no regrets. The smart thing is to be prepared. It really was beautiful to see the seasons of fall many of the trees were bright yellow and orange, the air was crisp and refreshing. As always it was a blast. The Scooter Crew is the best. I am really fortunate to be a part of such a great group of people. Cafe Luna was good and while having breakfast we had a celebrity sighting, there was Billy Baldwin sitting on in the corner minding his own business and no I did not ask for his autograph, but I did take my looks and I must admit I was a little star struck. Thanks to all of you who joined us and we missed those of you who weren't able to make this ride. The good news is that we are making this a regular monthly ride weather permitting.
Thanks Randy for taking the lead, Patty for riding in the back and looking out for all of us, Dick for taking such awesome videos, and the rest of you for making it a perfect day.

Original Message:

This Saturday Ventura is having the annual Holiday Street fair and the first annual wine walk.


NEW MEET-UP LOCATION: Across the street from the 76 Station at Café 126 (Just behind Valero gas station)

Due to the fact that some people are traveling from Moorpark, Simi and T.O. and few other places I am changing our departure time to 9:00am and hopefully in those fifteen minutes it will warm up a bit. The NEW meeting place will be across the street from the 76 gas station on Wells Rd. at the Café 126 and there is a donut shop there too. It is in back of the Valero gas station you really can’t miss it. While we wait for everyone to arrive we might as well have coffee and donuts. I hope this doesn’t mess anyone up. Just look for my little red Vespa.

From there we will ride to Santa Paula to Ojai to Summerland for breakfast at The Cafe Luna. Then to Santa Barbara to the farmers market. On the way back we will go to N. Ventura Ave to Main St to the Street fair.

Some information on the day in Ventura.

The First Annual Ventura Winter Wine walk comes to beautiful Downtown Ventura on December 4, 2010 from 5pm-9pm. The Wine Walk will showcase world class wineries in your favorite downtown businesses. The day will kick off with a Holiday Street Fair from 11am-5pm, On Main Street with Holiday Vendors and live entertainment


Ride to Frazier Park -Sun, November 21, 2010


Sunday, November 21, 2010 10:00 AM

10:00 AM - Meeting At:
Peet's Coffee & Tea
1171 S. Victoria Ave
Ventura, CA 93003

The ride will be lead by Al Bruegger:

Our last ride to the Rock Store was so fun and it will be great to ride again this coming Sunday.
So, for the Frazier Park Ride we can Meetup at 10am at the Peet's Coffee & Tea- more info »
1171 S. Victoria Ave, Suite E, San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA
(805) 654-9923 ‎ Sun Nov 21st which On S. Victoria Ave. Then from there we go up Victoria Ave and turn left on Poli St. Ventura Ave and turn right. We will take Ventura Ave all the way up through Casitas Springs and into Oak View. Then left on Baldwin Rd (150) to La Luna Ave right. Then left on Maricopa Hwy (33). We will then go up the 33 for aproximately 29 miles, then turn right on Lockwood Valley Rd, Then make a right on Frazier Mountain Park Rd. and this will take us straight in to Frazier Park. It's about 30 miles or so to Frazier Park from the 33. We can eat lunch at "Big Johns Mountain Grill" (3121 Mount Pinos Way) or some other place there if the group doesn't like this place, whatever everyone decides on is fine. Then when we are ready, we will head back the same way and can stop back at Mission Park on Main St. if you want before everyone heads out for home.
Everyone should have a full tank of gas before we leave Ventura, there will be no gas stations on the way. Also bring warm clothing as it may be chillier in Frazier Park. Everyone can check the weather that day and bring what they need. This will be a fun and scenic ride, and there is usually very little traffic.
I forgot to mention that we will be turning right on Frazier Mountain Park Rd from Lockwood Valley Rd about three miles before getting into Frazier Park.



Rollin' to the Rock Store - Sunday, November 14, 2010 - 10:00 AM

To attend this meet-up and ride-out, please CLICK HERE and leave your RSVP:

We will meet up at Element Coffee Shop in Camarillo at 10:00am and leave shortly after that.
The following is a SUGGESTED route. Others may be more familiar with some parts of the roads in the Santa Monica Mts. then I am. Perhaps we can refine the specifics at the meetup.

From Element Coffee: Lewis Rd-Hueneme Rd-Las Posas Rd to Hwy 1. South on Hwy 1 to Mulholland Hwy. East on Mulholland Hwy to Cornell Road. Left on Cornell, the Rock Store (optional stop) to Kanan Rd. Right to Agoura Rd. Left/ North on Agoura to Lindero Rd. Around Westlake Lake to Hidden Valley Rd. Take the Sherwood Lake jog and continue on Hidden Valley Rd, North onto Potereo Rd. Potereo to Lewis (optional jog through Cal State CI campus) and back to Element.

To attend this meet-up and ride-out, please CLICK HERE and leave your RSVP:


Ride to Hollywood

"Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star
And everybody's in movies, it doesn't matter who you are
There are stars in every city
In every house and on every street
And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
Their names are written in concrete"

-The Kinks, "Celluloid Heroes"


"Lorraine, Dick, Randy and Patty met in Moorpark and rode over
Box canyon to NOHO Scooters in North Hollywood. There we met 30
plus riders for a group ride to the Sidecar Rally. After seeing
all the sidecars a smaller group of 8 riders went to the Trails
Cafe for lunch. After lunch we took Mulholland Drive with some
beautiful views of the valley. Then Ventura Blvd through the
rest of the valley with storm clouds looming ahead of us. It
was a fun and long ride with a lot of very good and patient


"I left at 6:30am and took the 118 to meet up with Patty, Randy and Dick. It was an awesome ride to Hollywood. We rode all around Mulhollad Dr. It was great riding with new people. On the way home we came through Ventura Blvd, Calabasas,Westlake and on through Potrero Rd. It was a blast. I love every ride just as much as the last one. Each ride is a new experience and I look forward to many more. So to all of you scooter riders out there get ready for some fun adventures. They don't call us the Ventures for nothing. By the way I got home at 4:20pm. It was a long day and I loved it. Thanks to all the crew who joined us."



Ride to Summerland Oct. 23

We will be riding to Summerland it is just beyond Carpinteria and just before Santa Barbara. Jimmy Ventura will be leading this ride and he knows of a wonderful place to stop to eat.

We will meet at My Florest Cafe and Bakery the corner of Oak and Santa Clara St., in the back. They have plenty of parking, coffee (nothing fancy) and good baked goods. There is a nice little patio in back. Summerland is a ways so I would be for starting early. Do you think meet at 8:30 leave @ 9:00am.

The Summerland spot Jim had in mind is Cafe Luna. It is a great coffee house that has good sandwitches, salads and breakfast stuff. The route I'm planning will take 1:30-1:45 to get there. If it seems to early to eat "lunch" maybe folks can get "breakfast" stuff.
I hope this works for everyone.



Ventura to Ojai Ride - Sat., Aug. 28, 2010

VCVSC proudly welcomes new member Lars and his vintage P Series to the 'Crew.

Outside Palermo's Coffee Shop, our starting point for this ride.

The 'Crew, doin' what they do...

A fawn shyly greets us on our expedition through beautiful Ojai valley.

The Ventures Scooter Crew cruises across the countryside.

We reach our destination point- the lush Ojai Valley.

The Crew meets the end of the road and checks out each-others' rides.

Just can't get enough coffee. Our second coffee shop stop- Full of Beans Coffee.

Meet at: Palermo's Coffee Shop in downtown Ventura: 321 E. Main Street, Ventura, CA
Meet-up time: 8:45-9:15a
Departing to Ojai: 9:15a

To all of you who made it out to Palermo's for the Ojai ride, it was nice spending some time with you once again. Lars, it was good to meet you. Thanks for letting me test ride your P200. Brendan, enjoy yourself. Easy does it on the C&H and coconuts.
So here's the ride in a nutshell. (If you have more details, you can chime in.)
We met at Palermo's Cafe in Ventura, socialized briefly, and were off to Ojai with Jim Ventura as our lead, and I followed behind in my car, shooting pictures through my windshield. We took the HWY 33 to the 150 all the way to the road's end, turned around and stopped at Full of Beans Coffee Shop on the way back. A very fun ride, even without my scooter! (If you're reading this right now, and there needs to be some correction, please don't hesitate : )

Original Post:

Are you ready to finally ride again? Well, we will be riding to Palermo's Coffee Shop in Ventura for a cup of Joe, and then up to Ojai for some fun twists and turns. Hope you all make the ride. This is my last official ride (that is, if I can pick up my scooter in time). The ride will be lead by Jim Ventura. As you all know, he is a cyclist and knows the backroads very well. Please plan on getting to Palermo's early enough so we can chat over coffee a bit before taking off for Ojai.

Bring: Cameras, Bottled Water, Extra Fuel, and Sack Lunches.

See you Saturday morning!



A Pablove Foundation Benefit Ride for Pediatric Cancer Research

When: Sunday, June 27, 2010 11:00 AM

Vespa Sherman Oaks
13629 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 906-0350

Two awesome scooterist-owned businesses, the Scootabaker and the Sweets Truck, have teamed up to present the Sweet Street Scooter Rally, a ride and sweet treats event benefitting the Pablove Foundation (which funds pediatric cancer research). This is a great chance to get together, have some amazing food and help out with a good cause.

The ride is being led by the folks at Vespa of Sherman Oaks. We're posting it as an official meetup here so to help get the word out and to help them get a head count. Please RSVP via Meetup (rather than email) so we can see how many people are attending from our group.

Some folks may have heard that at one point this ride was Vespa-only. Scootabaker got this changed so that all scooters are welcome! Let's show that riders of ALL scooters can come together for a fun ride and a wonderful cause.

The ride starts at VSO and will end at Dangerbird Records in Silverlake.

More information:
Sweets Truck:

The ride is free to join, but it would be great if those participating could make some sort of donation at the end location!

Questions? Post here and I'll contact the organizers if necessary.


I have crashed my scooter, and will no longer be able to join you all on rides. That doesn't mean there won't be any more rides. I hope you will continue organizing, posting and going on rides. I have already mentioned that the club will need new leadership for each region of the county, as well as a moderator/organizer.


MAY 22, 2010 Simi Valley Car Show & Ride

We met at the Rolling Pin.

We rode to Simi for the Car Show.

This car could morph into a Lambretta, don't you think?

And this car could become a Vespa with those cowls!

There were too many to post, but these were some of my personal favorites.

I just love this color.

It had "octopus mirrors".

The "Starsky and Hutch" '76 Gran Torino was awesome!

We ate down the street at The Hat. Best pastrami sandwiches in town!

Original Details:

SIMI VALLEY CAR SHOW RIDE- Second Annual (For Our Crew)

There will be NO L.A. Optional ride.

Meet at The Rolling Pin 9:15-eat a donut, drink some coffee, socialize- depart 9:30ish.
Arrive at Simi Mall about 10:15ish-check out the cars for about an hour-depart 11:15ish.
Ride somewhere for an early lunch-if people wanna do that, otherwise head back.

L.A. Ride option- Cancelled
We will do an L.A. ride at a later date, but it doesn't make sense this time, since we are not meeting any L.A. riders after all.

BASIC ROUTE: Las Posas to Upland to Santa Rosa to Tierra Rejada to Erringer.
I also suggest The Hat for lunch, again.



NEW EARLIER MEET-UP TIME!!! 5:30 AM!!! - Tickets To This Event will Cost $10 Cash

We will be meeting at the 76 Gas Station on Wells Road and Citrus in Ventura at 5:30 departing at 5:50 to the home of Paul Fielding. From there we depart Paul's at 6:30 sharp and will all ride together to THE ROSE VALLEY RANGE (OVGC),
We will arrive at the gun club at 7:45 to help set up. The actual event begins at 8:30 AM. Yes, it will be way early, but way fun! I'm going to be having an early morning coffee before this ride for sure!


5:30 Meet-up at 76 Gas Station on Wells Rd. and Citrus

5:50 Departing from 76 Station for Paul's house off of Foothill Road, Ventura

6:30 Departing from Paul's house for the Rose Valley Range, Ojai Valley Gun Club (OVGC)

7:45 Arrival at the Rose Valley Range, Ojai Valley Gun Club (OVGC)

8:30 Event begins - Seven Gun Shoot, and later 12:00 Noon BBQ

Shooting Event goes until 2:00.

[b]EVENT COST: $10.00 CASH - Payable to Paul Fielding[/b]

[b](10:00 All Ticket Sales Close)[/b]




SHOOT — 8:30 AM TO 2 PM


March Ride AND April Ride

St. Patrick's Day Parade, SAT., MARCH 13, 2010

With St. Baldrick's Foundation

Joe Kool

Scooter Gucc and David Crockett

The Ford Model "A" Club

Serra Cross Park, Ventura, CA.

Joe Kool lead us to "The Cross" Park on our ride home.

Boy, What a view!

All Channel Islands were visible.

David and Gucc at The Cross

This St. Patrick's Day Parade ride was in memory of the late Krista Romero, Vespa Angel,
my Great Grandfather John Neely and the Loyal Orange Institution of Northern Ireland.

Original Message:
Anyone interested in riding in the St. Patrick's Parade? It's Saturday March 13th. Last year we rode and we were a big hit. We got a trophy for Best Personal Vehicle. We rode with the St. Baldrick's group. They are an organization who raise money for childhood cancer research.

Meet-up Time: 8:00 AM at the 76 Gas Station on Wells Rd. and Citrus, Ventura.
Parade Location: 8:30-9:00 Meet across from the San Buenaventura Mission at Location #19, Area A. The Parade begins at 10:00 AM
. We will be riding with the St. Baldrick's Foundation, who will have a huge 45 ft. truck for their float.
The St. Baldrick's Foundation are expecting us and know that we will be riding our scooters with them.

Note: If you wanna get your head shaved to help raise money, they'd be stoked to shave it smooth. When they shave heads, they raise money. Anyone that raises or donates $50 gets a St. Baldricks tee shirt. All the money goes to fight childhood cancer.

SAT., APRIL 17,2010

7-Gun Shoot & BBQ

The Rose Valley Range / Ojai Valley Gun Club is having their annual 7-gun shoot and barbecue event. There will be seven different varieties of guns that we will have an opportunity to fire, as well as a tri-tip or chicken barbecue. Visit our meetup page for more info, or email Paul who is the organizer for this event.



Crisp and Clean New Signage

The friendly owners and staff of Vespa of Thousand Oaks

They provided us with lunch and refreshments.

Members of VCVSC conversing over lunch.

Monica of Vespa TO talking with VCVSC Members.

We had plenty of room to park our scooters.

The new location is very spacious.

We met at Rolling Pin Donuts in Camarillo and took Santa Rosa to Moorpark, met up with two more riders, and rode in to Thousand Oaks Boulevard through some side streets to avoid traffic. It was a fun ride, but we unfortunately lost a rider on Moorpark Road, as his scooter seized on him. He gave signal to riders to continue without him, so we did. We were greeted by the new owners of Thousand Oaks Vespa, Lucky, Kajal and Monica. They were very hospitable towards our crew and had lunch and refreshments for us. Their new facility is quite large and there were many new model Vespas and motorcycles as well in the showroom. The latest model is the GTS300, the largest displacement cc engine of the Vespa line. We visited a while and had lunch, took some pictures, and were back on the road. Many members rode off in different directions, as they had chores.
Four of us took the Westlake/Sherwood, Lynn/Petrero scenic way back. It was a beautiful ride. Some members really missed out on a fun time.

We are going to meet for some coffee at Rolling Pin and then ride over to Vespa of Thousand Oaks to meet the new owners. They have been eager to meet our scooter crew and to get involved with us. From what I hear, they are very friendly. They are expecting us, as I've been in contact with them via email.

Meetup Date, Time and Place:
Feb. 28, 2010 9:30 AM -- Meet at Rolling Pin Donuts, Camarillo,
Departing no later than 10:00 AM
2153 Las Posas Rd, Camarillo, CA 93010

We will ride to Vespa of Thousand Oaks
3602 Thousand Oaks Blvd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Head west on Las Posas Rd toward W Loop Dr
194 ft
2. Make a U-turn at W Loop Dr
1.9 mi
3. Slight right at Upland Rd
2.5 mi
4. Turn left at Santa Rosa Rd
6.2 mi
5. Continue onto Moorpark Rd
5.4 mi
6. Turn left at Thousand Oaks Blvd
Destination will be on the right

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Ventura County VENTURES Scooter Crew

Ventura County VENTURES Scooter Crew
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