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Ride to Thousand Oaks Vespa, Aug. 30th

Besides the rides and food, these guys were my favorite part of the day!

August 30th, Vespa of Thousand Oaks was having their 3rd Anniversary Celebration. So, naturally, it became our ride for the month of August. After much debate, I decided to go, even though I don't drive a true "Vespa". There were just a few off brands like mine, but we all had two very exciting and fun rides! The rides went around the lake. It was a beautiful view. One thing I really liked about this ride, was there were escort runner scooters that rode along the sides and helped keep the intersections clear and safe. A couple of our own crew members did this on the ride to the Simi car show, and I was impressed and felt safer because of it.
I was greeted with a warm handshake from none other than the owner, David. He didn't remember me, but I was quite alright with that. A Paris Hilton look-alike was giving out free Vespa T-shirts when we signed in. The design was pretty neat with a retro looking pin-up girl and a faro baso Vespa.
We enjoyed free Mexican food and live blues entertainment. They had several raffles and at the last one, Lorraine won a set of yellow suede Corazzo "gardening gloves". The main raffle was a scooter, of course. The winner of that scooter was the owner of the "ugliest car". Of course, there weren't many cars there, so the winner had a good chance of winning. The so called ugliest car was an all-terrain 4x4 vehicle that I thought wasn't ugly at all. It looked cool to me.
It was an extremely hot day at a record 111 degrees F and shade was limited. The intense heat and being in the bright sunlight made me nauseous and I was guzzling down water bottles like crazy. The sweat pouring down my forehead got salt in my eyes and made it hard to see on the rides. But, check out the pictures. We actually had a lot of fun. I only wish more of us went.

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