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Ride to Carpinteria & Lake Casitas

Scheduled for Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Meeting Times:
Camarillo Folks: Meet at Rolling Pin Donuts at 9:00 AM
Everyone: Meet at the 76 Station on Wells Rd. and Citrus at 9:30 AM

Ride Plan:
The general ride would go 1) through Ventura or 2), to Santa Paula and Ojai, then over Casitas Pass to Carpenteria and return. In Carpinteria we could hit a restaurant (Zac has some ideas) or picnic at Viola Fields (a nice, free, cliff side park with restrooms).

None of the ride need go on any freeways. For the most part the route is two lane, winding and often scenic. There are several good spots to regroup in case there are lagers. And mid-way, a bathroom spot if appropriate.

Beginning from the gas station in Saticoy where "Lorrain's group" usually starts:

Alternative 1 would head for Santa Paula on Foothill road, turn North on Hwy 150 to Ojai (the same way we rode on the Ojai loop ride a few months ago).

Alternative 2 would head for Ventura on Foothill road, turn North on Ventura Avenue,then Santa Ana Road, connecting to Hwy 150 at the entrance to Lake Casitas.

In either alternative the ride would then head West on Hwy 150 past Lake Casitas, up over Casitas Pass and into Carpinteria. If we want to go to a restaurant we'd take a turn onto 192 for a couple of miles and then into town on Casitas Pass Road or Linden St. If we want to go picnic at Viola Fields, we stay on 150 right to the cliff side park.

The return route could take the same way back, or at Ojai, take the "alturnative ride" back.

Rough mileage calculations from Saticoy to Saticoy:

Heading first to Ventura, then to Carpenteria and returning the same way: Approx 75 miles.

Heading to Santa Paula/Ojai, then to Carpenteria and returning via Ventura: Approx 83 miles.

Folks would need to add the miles/time from where they start, such as you in Camarillo, to/from Saticoy.

So that's an idea. If you like it, my personal preference would be the 1st alturnative: Santa Paula/Ojai and then return via Ventura.

If the return ride is via Ventura, at that time of day, a little course change in Ventura to Harbor Blvd, Olivas Park Rd and Telegraph Road to Saticoy is recommended (and the way we returned on the Ojai loop a couple of months ago).

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