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Do you scoot? Then, we would like to welcome you to join us for a ride. There is currently a monthly due of $10 when you join our meetup group. Check our site for scheduled rides.

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"Moorpark Jonny"

The Meet-up At Rolling Pin

Different Flavored GT Scooters

The Crew Lineup at the Car Show

Cool Lookin' White & Red Highboy

Almost Vespa-looking Faro basso Headlamp Detail

Very Mod looking Dual mirror detail on this Hudson!

The Coolest Car at the Show ('50 Hudson Commodore)

This was a fantastic ride, organized by Moorpark Jonny. It was a ride all the way in to Simi Valley for a classic car show. We didn't have the full crew, but still met at Rolling Pin Donuts and had a good ride. The worst part of the ride was Santa Rosa Road, with all the cagers trying to go 70 MPH, on a two-lane highway. We got over onto the shoulder several times to let the speeders go, and then returned to our positions. Then, as we made the turn up Moorpark Road, there was something slithery in the road. Yep, it was a snake! It kinda took me by surprise. At first, I thought it was a piece of rope, until it tried to bite me- jk. We took Tierra Rejada into Los Angeles Avenue, and eventually met up with the Wild Wood "Wild-Ones" on their beautiful Vespa LXV's. When we got to First St., we made a left to go to the car show.
The car show had some cool looking rides. There were several Chevy's and roadsters and a very mint restored Hudson Commodore. I took a lot of pictures because my dad's a car guy. Most of them were worth taking pictures of, except the mass-produced Cobras and the not-so original lowriders, I didn't care for much.
We took off promptly at noon and rode off the back way, stopping at Chuy's of Moorpark, honking and yelling as we rode by the Harley Davidson shop. Inside Chuy's, there was a biker or two who had to wait in line behind us. He was looking at us, probably thinking, "What is this, some kind of scooter Hell's Angels?" But it was all in good humor. We're only out to have fun. And fun we had. The food tasted good after the long ride and car show. We had a very fun ride back home. New member, Harold and I took a fun little route through the estates on Central and took Crestview back home.

Original Post:

MAY 16, 2009 Simi Valley Car Show Ride

Dear fellow Crew members,

PLEASE RSVP by emailing the club at:

We will be riding to Simi Valley to go to the Car Show. We will not be eating at the Italian Restaurant as previously believed, but we will still be stopping along the way to eat lunch. Below is the proposed time table:

D E T A I L S --- & --- P R O P O S E D --- T I M E ---T A B L E

Ventura Group Meeting Place:
All Crew members north of Camarillo will meet at their regular designated spot- the Valero Gas Station at 11005 Citrus Dr, Ventura, CA 93004.
Meet-up Time: 9:00 AM

All Crew Members Meeting Place:
We will all meet at the Rolling Pin Donut parking lot like last time- located at 2153 Las Posas Rd, Camarillo, CA 93010.
Meet-up Time: 9:30 AM

We will depart from Rolling Pin Donuts at approximately 9:45 AM

Turning (L) at the traffic light onto Las Posas,
Las Posas Rd. to Somis Rd/Lewis Rd. (R)
Somis Rd./Lewis Rd. to Adolfo (L)
Cross the railroad tracks
Continue on Adolfo all the way to Santa Rosa (L)
Santa Rosa all the way to the light at Moorpark Rd. (L)
Moorpark Rd. will take us up to Tierra Rejada (R)
Continue on Tierra Rejada, pass the freeway,
Tierra Rejada becomes Las Angeles Ave., Continue straight
Las Angeles Ave. to First Street (L)
Car Show will be in the Center parking lot of the Simi Valley Town Center.

We will enjoy the Car Show until we get hungry and want to go grab lunch. Then,
we will return the same way we came, unless someone has something else they would like to do before returning home.

Please RSVP so we know to wait for you. It's going to be fun!


Ventura County


Dean said...

What's the procedure for RSVPing?

ScooterGooch said...

Just email me at if you plan on riding tomorrow morning. A few of us will meet tomorrow at Rolling Pin Donuts and ride to Simi together.

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