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Do you scoot? Then, we would like to welcome you to join us for a ride. There is currently a monthly due of $10 when you join our meetup group. Check our site for scheduled rides.

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JAN. 31 - RIDE TO OJAI (New Rescheduled Date)


To the Scooter Crew,
It occurred to me that I wished to write up my thoughts on our Saturday ride (Jan 31) as we were passing Lake Casitas. This half day road trip has to be one of the best things that I enjoy doing. Foothill Road with the hills on the left and the farmlands of the Santa Clara River valley on the right was just the thing to get us settled into our ride. The ride through the City of Santa Paula on Santa Paula Street with it's old style houses was quite a treat. The ride up Hwy 150 was an easy and enjoyable ride with a few surprises for us. One surprise was the pocket of cold air we went through. The other was the "uneven pavement" sign. I'm not sure what that was suppose to mean to me but about the time I read that it felt like the elevator was going down. Then it was just slow down and hold on. Going up and down the "twisties" is getting easier each time I do it. There on the main drag of Ojai, I did feel a little twinge as I rode right on past the ice cream shop without stopping. Continuing on out of Ojai and past the Deer Lodge (a famous biker hangout) is where I had my "senior moment" and forgot the turn on North La Luna Avenue to take us to Baldwin Road. The peaceful lake scenery is just wonderful. The ride down Santa Ana Road was easy and with little or no traffic. I was not expecting the turn onto Crooked Palm Drive. It joined back up to the same road we left and added a STOP sign to our trip. I was surprised to see the fog bank laying just off the beach. As we rode closer to the harbor we encountered more of the fog and it's coolness. When we turned on to Olivas Park Drive and later on to Telephone Road, there were only three of us. For Paul Fielding and Matt, the ride down Telephone Road to Wells Road was uneventful. I came as close to having a wreck as I ever have. We were approaching the block where Scandia Liquor Store is located. Paul, Matt, and I were single file in the number 1 lane with maybe a car length or more between us. Our number 1 lane was going slightly faster than the traffic in the number 2 lane to my right. The big tan SUV traveling beside Matt apparently decided to move to the number 1 lane when Matt was clear ahead of him. He didn't see me and pulled into the #1 lane where I was. I could hardly believe he didn't make contact with my bike. I was so close to the center median that I couldn't believe my tire didn't rub the curb. I accelerated ahead and as soon as he saw me right beside him, he jerked back over to the #2 lane. I was able to get my heart out of my throat and back dawn into my chest and continue to Wells Road where Matt waved goodbye. As Paul and I turned north on to Well Road, Paul tried to shout something to me before he waved and rode off. I'm sorry that I don't hear very well, even without a full face helmet. I returned to the 76 station and then decided to have lunch at the Jack in the Box next door.
Anytime, I will gladly go on that ride in either direction. Just say the word.

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Ventura County VENTURES Scooter Crew
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