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Do you scoot? Then, we would like to welcome you to join us for a ride. There is currently a monthly due of $10 when you join our meetup group. Check our site for scheduled rides.

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Btn_red_77x28 Disclaimer: The Ventura County Ventures Scooter Crew (VCVSC) or its affiliates will not be held responsible for any accidents, damage or personal injury caused to individuals while on rideouts. It is your responsibility to look after yourself and others, and be riding a road worthy scooter.


Club News

January 24, 2009
This one has been on the drawing table for quite some time, but we haven't done it yet, at least as a group. The directions are as follows:

North on Wells Rd. Over the 126 Fwy. Turn right onto Foothill Rd. approximatly 6 mi. Right on Peck Rd., Left on Santa Paula St. Left on Tenth St. which turns into Hwy 150. It is a little windy in some parts but once you get onto the flat lands it is beautiful and green. Bring your cameras. It is a straight shot into Ojai. Leaving Ojai the 150 turns into Hwy 33 which will take us through Oak View down to Ventura.

Ride to the Air Museum with lunch at the Waypoint Cafe
We're planning a ride soon, weather permitting. Paul's idea, and it's a good one, is to scoot on over to the Air Museum at the Camarillo Airport, and have lunch at the Waypoint Cafe, located at the airport. From there, we might ride over to the downtown Camarillo area of Ventura Blvd. and have our pictures taken with Adolfo Camarillo, and of course, our scooters.

We will have the specifics up very soon, but we could meet at the same place as last time, the new Camarillo Library parking lot, or in the MacDonald's parking lot on Las Posas, near Carl's Jr. and across from the Ralph's supermarket parking lot. This would make it real easy to ride past the freeway on Las Posas and out to the Airport. Then, we'd return, turning right on Ventura Rd., past Carmen, and right into downtown Camarillo.

Official Club Status
I'm trying to get our club recognized by the City of Camarillo. City Hall didn't know much about this, but they said to go to the Chamber of Commerce. That building is located right in the downtown on Ventura Blvd. I went there between jobs today, and picked up some information on becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

If we want to advertise the scooter club through the Chamber of Commerce, our club needs to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce. It's not exactly cheap. For us, it would cost $199 annually since we fall in the category, "Non-profit community organization of 0 to 2 employees". Even though we really don't have 'employees'. I'm going to call the Director of Operations at the Chamber tomorrow and explain to her what we are. Maybe she'll cut us a deal, since we're nonprofit and do not have employees. We offer the city yet another recreational activity; something we should be paid for.
With a membership, we could run an ad in the Camarillo Business Journal. It would cost $135 to run a 1/8 page (business card size) ad for 12 months. So, I'm looking at going another route. The ads we have used so far have either been in the Ventura County Star newspaper, or on Craig's List. These are mostly free if we just call it a "club event".

I know at least two people in our club who have a graphic design background, and might be able to help us out with some advertising- be it print or online: myself and another member's girlfriend. He also has a photography background, so hopefully he'll come out for a ride soon.
Right now, I'm working on maybe getting a website. But for now, this blog works just fine. If anyone of you are super good at managing blogs or even websites, I would appreciate any help.

Crew Patches
Our patches are being made right now, and will be available to you at the next meet-up. The color version looks like the one that appears at the top of this blog. There is also a simple black and white version. Personally, I like the whole two-tone black and white thing. The patches will look nice on your jacket, hat or duffel bag. The exact measurements are 6" W X 3.125" H.

That's all for now. Check back again soon for any updates.

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