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Ride To WWII Aviation Museum & WayPoint Cafe

November 22, 2008
This was a very nice ride indeed. We met at the same place as last time: the new Camarillo Library parking lot, and got to meet a few new people and check out their scooters. I was pleased to see a couple vintage rides this time: an 80's Vespa PX200 and a 60's Vespa Super. There were also a couple brand new Vespa 250 GTS's, one of which was a GTS Super. This is what makes our club great: the variety of scooters from the old classics to the moderns, the 50cc range to the 400cc.

We left the library parking lot headed westbound, crossed the freeway and merged right onto Pleasant Valley Road, turning right into our destination: the Camarillo WWII Aviation Museum. There, we were lead by one of the Docents through the gate and onto the grounds. We were allowed to park our scooters alongside the hanger. After a few pictures, we were lead by our Guide, Russ Drosendahl, a former World War II flight instructor and retired TWA pilot. He showed us some World War II era planes, and we got to go inside a Curtiss C-46 China Doll Commando "hump" transport plane. This had seats for the paratroopers. We all got a scare when the plane tipped a bit while inside. This was normal, though. Russ was very knowledgeable about the planes, as were all the docents and guides in the museum.

After viewing all of the interesting artifacts, including World War II era firearms and model planes, we rode across the driveway to the Way-Point Cafe, where we all crowded around a small table and had lunch. The food was good, especially the potato salad, which had been recommended by a friend of mine. After that, we rode through the gate, which a guard opened for us, and stopped for another picture in front of the Cafe sign. Then, the members from Ventura headed back home, and those of us from Camarillo and Somis headed back. It was a very nice ride indeed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a very enjoyable day.............10 scoots this time!!!! With hope I will make the next one!!!
Thanks for posting the photo's and the report.
Take care and ride safe.

David aka The Old Mod

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